Monday, January 19, 2009

Top Ten Best Uniforms In NFL

I have looked at all the teams in the NFL and have compiled a list of the best looking uniforms. I have not included any throw back or previous jerseys or helmets. All alternate jerseys have also been excluded. This means the San Diego Powder Blues and the Jaguar or Raven All Blacks are not included. The uniforms eligible are strictly current (at the time of this being written) color or white jerseys and current helmets. This is not a bias on favorite teams. Simply what i think are the best looking. I have not omitted teams because i don't like them (I'm not a fan of the Steelers at all and really really hate the Chargers). Without further ado:

10) Green Bay Packers - Green/Yellow

Classic green to go with their city name mixed with a non-gross/blinding yellow equals a spot in the top ten. Helmets are not the greatest, thus dropping a couple spots.

9) Minnesota Vikings - Purple/White

Natural combination of purple, white, and golden yellow trimming brings an ironically masculine feel to what normally would be feminine colors. Horned helmet a notch above Green Bay, but below many others.

8) Carolina Panthers - White/Panther Blue

The only "white" jersey on the list. It is a beautiful combination of a white base with Panther blue trim on the numbers and striking panther blue stripe on the sleeve. The helmets are amongst the best in the NFL.

7) Indianapolis Colts - Blue/White

Arguably the best looking natural blue in the NFL. Simple, clean, to the point. It works with the white helmet touched with blue on the stripe and colt logo.

6) San Diego Chargers - Navy Blue/White

The use of bolts on the pants and shoulder stripe are well used. Helmets also incorporate the bolt logo that smoothly represent the Chargers. Good looking navy blue. Though a good looking helmet, it is not one of the best. That's what keeps them off the top 5.

5) Chicago Bears - Dark Navy/White/Orange

An amazing combination of dark navy and white with touches of some of the nicest orange you'll ever see. Clean and classic helmets are amongst the best in the league. The fact that they have GSH (George Stanley Halas) on their sleeve brings historic value.

4) San Francisco 49ers - Cardinal Red/49ers Gold

A deeper red than uniforms of the past mixed with an original gold with white lettering brings a fluid look to the uniform. The "SF" helmets are in the top echelon of helmets.

3) Pittsburgh Steelers - Black/Yellow

Tradition speaks volumes when it comes to the Steelers team. The helmets are unique in that they have the team logo only on one side. Black base with a bold and deep but not blinding yellow catapults this uniform into the top three.

2) Cleveland Browns - Brown/White/Orange

Very close second to the number one. The best orange in the NFL combined with white and some of the nicest brown you'll ever see makes this uniform one of the best. Throw in the very simple yet effective orange helmet guarantees their spot in the top two.

1) Jacksonville Jaguars - Teal/Black

A great looking teal combined with black gives this uniform a beautifully powerful look. The helmets are amongst the best in the NFL. The shoulder sleeve incorporate a full bodied jaguar. And the hip of the pants have the Jaguar head also found on the helmet. Simply the overall best.


trav said...

opinions are opinions. I completely disagree with a lot of your picks. Green Bay as biased as I am has one of the most beautiful uniforms ever.
Where are the Powder Blues????
Jaxonville? come on bro!

Mark said...

I mentioned in my intro that the powder blues would not be included since its an alternate jersey.